CERTO is the platform for the blockchain* certification of the digital identity that allows to verify the authenticity of a product, brand, digital texts and literary works, videos, pictures, artworks, hand-crafted products, graphic, comics, softwares, etc. Thanks to the blockchain time stamping (date, time, ID code) CERTO offers a certificate of authenticity of the registered work against any plagiarism, forgery and violation of copyright and illegal distribution of a brand.

CERTO also works in the field of Cyber Security, online reputation and risk management, as a digital support for online rights and brand protection, in cases of internet defamation, cyber bullying, publication of false contents (fake news), violation of privacy and use of confidential data. The blockchain mark of CERTO allows to certify harmful news and contents threatening the brand reputation, in an automatic and secure way.

CERTO is a digital technology designed by NOIMA | Web Reputation & Risk Management an innovative startup based in Padua (Italy) and specialized in developing digital solutions for the online reputation and risk management.

* BLOCKCHAIN SECURITY ID: immutability and transparency of data collected in an automatic digital register, anonymous and decentralized. What is the blockchain technology?